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Monday, November 5, 2012

2013- Day 360- More from the "Halls" 2012

Entry door details

Daytime view of the newly created haunt entry door
One of the great things we came up with this year was an actual entry door to the haunt. Rather than just a barrier of cut up black sheeting, we built a foam door with 2x2 back frame that could be hinged on one of those garden archway structures. We've had that sitting in the yard forever and have used it for the entrance but never actually put a door in it. Adding a colorful animated prop on the front with some spooky mood lighting and a motion activated sound device really gave this a superb professional quality to it. The younger kids had something to look at while waiting in line. It was really like waiting for a Disney ride! This is definitely our permanent door as I do not think we can improve on it. We added a ghoulish looking hand prop as the door handle and would ask which guest was brave enough to open the door!
The "Halls of Doom" are officially open!

Putting it all together!

The aftermath: checking for any failures and damage after the show

Behind the scenes: the control room hours before the Halls open!

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